This is Bablu Ahmed from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a computer programmer and blogger or w3 public. I am the founder and editor of w3public.com. Currently, I am working as a software engineer in my country. I like to learn new technologies and implement them as practice. And finally, I post it on the blog as a tutorial for the w3 public.

As you know programming is a challenging job that's why I try to write computer code in terms of practice almost everyday to prove myself again and again to everyone. I am not so perfect in my profession but try my best. I daily promise myself to work hard and love everything related to programming.

I always think to work for my country as well as for the new generation who are facing the programming related issues and I also think to improve their programming skills. Right now, my challenge is to make a web-based software platform that will support and connect the public to the updated technologies. Hope we will together build a new milestone soon.